FabSchool Kids: leren door te maken

Learning by making

Maker education is in the spotlights in The Netherlands. Amsterdam started the new schoolyear with a conference on educational innovation: Scratch Amsterdam 2015. Maker education stands for learning to program and code, is about making things and inventions: working with your hands and not only with your head.

Arjan van der Meij, physics teacher and an advocate of more maker education at schools, had a 15 minutes long interview on Dutch radio. Maker education is now high on the agenda of politicians and Arjan is speaking with the Dutch minister of Education Jet Bussemaker how to expand the idea to more schools.

In the meantime, we are starting again with our series of FabSchool Kids lessons in the heart of Amsterdam at our Fablab. All 71 kids that joined the classes last schoolyear were very enthusiastic. We made a booklet (in Dutch), that gives a good impression of the course.

The booklet is a free download as pdf.