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Secretary of state Gunay Uslu visits Waag Futurelab

On September 13, Waag Futurelab had the pleasure of welcoming secretary of state Gunay Uslu (culture and media) for a work visit. The secretary of state visited the Waag building where, after a guided tour, she engaged in conversation with artists and Waag Futurelab director Marleen Stikker, among others, about collaborations between art and science. 


Gunay Uslu & Marleen Stikker at Waag

During her visit, the secretary of state was given a comprehensive tour of the various labs within Waag Futurelab. Here she entered into a conversation with one of our artists in residence at Waag, Margherita Soldati, about her work 'Evolving Sensitivities' in which Soldati conducts artistic research on allergies and biodiversity. 



The tour was followed by a conversation between secretary of state Uslu, her officials and a delegation from Waag Futurelab, about the crucial collaboration between art and science and the need to further pursue this in the future. Ideas were exchanged on how the government and the cultural and creative sector can work together to further promote and support this collaboration. The call by Marleen Stikker and, amongst others, Kunsten '92, was also mentioned as an important direction for the future. 

Photos of the visit can be viewed via Flickr and were made by Ilyas bin Sarib.