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Smart Citizens publication

FutureEverything Publications has published a new booklet titled 'Smart Citizens'.

This publication aims to shift the debate on the future of cities towards the central place of citizens, and of decentralised, open urban infrastructures. It provides a global perspective on how cities can create the policies, structures and tools to engender a more innovative and participatory society. The publication contains a series of 23 short essays representing some of the key voices developing an emerging discourse around Smart Citizens. 

The publication contains two articles by Frank Kresin, research director at Waag: 'Design Rules for Smarter Cities' (p. 51) and his 'Manifesto for Smart Citizens' (p. 91). Editors are Drew Hemment and Anthony Townsend. This publication is available under a Creative Commons license 'Contribution-NonCommercial'.

Download a copy here (pdf).