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STARTS Talks kick off in Berlin and Eindhoven

As part of STARTS Prize organisation Waag is initiating a brand-new format of inspiring talks this autumn and taking it on the road through Europe. STARTS stands for science, technology and the arts. It’s an initiative of the European Commission focusing on innovative projects at the nexus of these three domains. We asked Marleen Stikker, STARTS Talks moderator and director of Waag, about the mission of this series and the speakers in Berlin and Eindhoven.

Why did you launch the STARTS Talks?

Marleen Stikker: Every year, two STARTS Prize winners are selected. These recipients, chosen for good reasons by a very well-informed and skilled jury, address the aims of the STARTS project of the European Commission: to bring science, technology and the arts together to create new visions, collaborations and even solutions in accordance with the belief that the arts can make innovation more human-centered and sustainable.

Apart from those two winning collaborations, however, there are always lots of other works and collaborations that are brought to the attentions of the jury and the EU STARTS initiative as a whole—projects that receive an honorary mention from the jury, but also the ones that get shortlisted. Besides that, there are a lot more successful practitioners active in the post-disciplinary field where science, technology and the arts meet, which, in their own way, fit the criteria of the STARTS Initiative.

In order to initiate a discussion about successful practices and bring critical practices to the attention of a wider audience STARTS Talks are organized. The project and people featured in the talks span the entire EU, STARTS Prize honorees and, on occasion, also those from the STARTS Initiative family projects, VERTIGO and WEAR Sustain.

What will be addressed and who will speak?

Marleen Stikker: STARTS Talk #1 will be staged in Berlin on October 18th at DRIVE Volkswagen Group Forum Berlin with presentations by Garnet Hertz (Critical Making, Disobedient Electronics) and psychologist Philippe Bertrand (BeAnotherLab), recipient of a STARTS Prize honorable mention. In this edition of the STARTS Talks the focus is on how the critical perspectives of the arts can inspire new directions in socially responsible transformation. 

STARTS Talk #2 will take place during Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven on October 26th with a presentation by award-winning experimental designer Frank Kolkman, who makes, among other things, DIY surgical machines, followed by a reaction from Geert Christiaansen, head of Design Innovation at Phillips. In this edition of the STARTS Talks the focus is on artistic research and the relevance for industry and science. We will discuss the added value of collaborations between art, science, technology and business from different perspectives. How do these collaborations work and when is it a success?

How do the STARTS Talks further the STARTS Initiative and the STARTS Prize?

Marleen Stikker: Every STARTS Talk event brings practitioners with exemplary, outstanding work that has been recognized by the STARTS Prize to the stage together with other exemplary thinkers and practitioners. Their remarks are followed be a discussion among them and the audience to address social issues and challenges inherent in their work and what we can learn from them to further the important aims of the STARTS Initiative—to make technologies more humane, more sustainable; more open, fair and inclusive, as we say at Waag.

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