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PhDO 8 - Trust me, I’m a Robot

Cutbacks in health care and a larger group of people in need of good care; it is no longer just a futuristic vision. Can the use of robots in our healthcare be a solution? How would it be if you are not taken care of by a nurse, but by a robot? And to what extent should these robots look like humans? When and how would we like to interact with machines and when do we start finding them scary?

During PhDO 8 we investigate the relationship between man and machine. Isjah Koppejan (Waag) and Johan Hoorn (VU Amsterdam) are the guest curators of this PhDO episode. They invited speakers who will present their research or respond to issues related to the theme from their perspective. Such as sociologist Margo Kemenade (InHolland), who is involved in the projects Health-Lab and CRISP Selemca and Marise Schot (concept developer bij Waag). She will talk about the design process, creative research and involving end-users as co-designers of care products. Artist Erik Fakkeldij is a huge fan of robots. He even builds them himself, and he calls them Artbots. He will give his vision on this theme.

CRISP Selemca
Both guest curators are involved in the research project "Services for Electro-Mechanical Care Agencies' (CRISP Selemca) that focuses on care robots. Within this project, we investigate how we can shape the interaction between humans and machines from various disciplines. Within the project, teams of five universities with partners from the health sector and the creative industry try to answer the following questions:

  • How can business product and service innovations regarding Caredroids lead to better investments, greater effectiveness and customer satisfaction in the healthcare sector?
  • How do users of Caredroids experience the product-service combinations, both in terms of companionship and interactive tools?
  • How do you improve the relationship between Caredroids and people, when it comes to aesthetics?
  • How do you create confidence in the application of Caredroids in the medical field?

About Johan Hoorn
Johan Hoorn has a background in literary studies, psychology and he now specializes in Computer Sciences. In addition, he has always been involved in art: writing, painting and theater.

About Margo Kemenade
Margo Kemenade is a sociologist and works at Hogeschool Inholland within the domains of 'Engineering, Design & Informatics' and 'Health, Welfare & Sport'. She is project manager of HealthLab, an initiative that aims to set up a 'real life' experimental environment for care and ICT. In addition, Margo is associated with CRISP Selemca, where she looks at the ethical aspects of robotics and the acceptance of new technology by health care workers.

About Marise Schot
Marise has studied and taught at the Technical University of Delft and is currently also active as a coach there. She works as a concept developer at Waag and is founder of Design Studio Schot in The Hague. This studio designs products and services that will enhance and improve quality of life. The studio focuses mainly on healthcare.

About Erik Fakkeldij
Visual artist Erik Fakkeldij get his inspiration from organic forms and natural materials. For his Artbots he makes use of animal bones, rubber, leather, chicken legs and fish in formaldehyde. These are combined with aluminum, steel and electric motors. The Artbots are constructed in such a way, that they are to be controlled by anyone.

PhDO is an initiative by Waag and Arne Hendriks that consists of a series of network events: both for people from the creative sector als people that work on research or development.

Nieuwmarkt 4
1019 HC Amsterdam

Friday February 8th, 2013
From 15.30 till 18.00 hours




Waag, Nieuwmarkt 4, Amsterdam