Symposium: BioSolar Cells

During the exhibition Yes Naturally, on 19 March 2013 the symposium BioSolar Cells will be held. 

Symposium: BioSolar Cells (Tuesday 19 March 2013)

The sun provides us with an abundant supply of energy. If we can capture and store it effectively, we will have a sustainable energy source. BioSolar Cells’ work focuses on improving the system by which plants, algae and some bacteria capture energy from sunlight. By doing so, this research programme contributes to achieving more sustainable production of food, energy and green raw materials for industry.

The BioSolar Cells research programme is to optimize the photosynthesis process in plants, algae and bacteria, and to develop ‘artificial leaves’ that combine biological and artificial components.

Guests: Jeremy Harbison, Adam Zaretsky, Huib de Vriend, Lucien Hanssen, David Louwrier, Robert-Jan Geerts, Coen van der Giesen, Paul Krimpenfort, Ellen ter Gast, Robert Zwijnenberg, Marleen Stikker. This symposium is English spoken.