Bacteria in petri dish

Workshop: extracting colours from bacteria

This edition of the Critical Making workshop series focuses on extracting pigments from bacteria and experiment with the results at TextileLab Amsterdam. Cecilia Raspanti and Ista Boszhard will introduce workshop participants to their ongoing work with the potential of bacterial pigments and demonstrate exactly how one can extract colour from bacteria. Additionally the students of the Fabricademy class of 2017-2018 will present their work in a small exhibition. 

This workshop is sold out. The exhibition with the work of the Fabricademy students is free to visit for everyone from 20:00 - 22:00.

Extracting colours form bacteria

TextileLab Amsterdam is primarily interested in bacterial pigments as a source of more sustainable textile dyes, but the possibilities for this versatile substance are endless. We'd like to invite creative makers and designers to come work with this exciting new resource and come up with new applications. Could bacterial pigments support your own creative practice? Could you develop a new type of ink or paint? Come learn a new technique and experiment with the results.

About TextileLab Amsterdam

TextileLab Amsterdam is a laboratory for fashion, textile, and material designers, researchers, artists and creatives within Waag. Since 2016, the TextileLab has been exploring alternative, sustainable methodologies within the textile and clothing industry.

About the speakers

After working in the fashion industry in Italy, fashion and textile designer Cecilia Raspanti walked into FabLab Amsterdam and never left. She became a digital fabrication expert and co-founded Fabricademy.

Ista Boszhard works as concept developer at Waag. Before that she worked as a teacher at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute (AMFI) and she is still connected to the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, where she develops several programmes.

Ista and Cecilia were co-founder of the TextileLab Amsterdam and initiators of Waag's creative research on dyeing with bacteria. This research found its way to the Textile Clothing Business Labs (TCBL) project.


19:30 Doors open
20:00 Introduction to ‘critical making’ and workshop
20:15 Start workshop
21:00 Presentation by Fabricademy students
21:30 Continue workshop
22:15 Conclusion and reflections  
22:30 Workshop ends

Fabricademy exhibition

This week the Fabricademy 2017-2018 comes to an end. During this evening the students of the Fabricademy will present their work. In the Theatrum Anatomicum their work will be on display in a small exhibition. At 21:00 the students of the Fabricademy will present their work. Entrance to this exhibition is free. Everyone is welcome to come by and cheers to the Fabricademy class of 2017-2018. 

Students: Fanny Trivero (FR), Pauline Bianchi (FR/IT), Julie van Zilt (NL), Brigritte Kock (NL).

About ‘Critical Making’

‘Critical making’ is a series of workshops for and about makers. For each workshop, we invite a maker, thinker, inventor, designer or artist to have a discussion with the audience. Afterwards, we step into our Fablab and get to making.




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