Floortje Vermeer, Waag

Floortje VermeerProject Manager

Floortje Vermeer is a project manager with Waag, working with theĀ Open Design Lab. Here, she manages several European projects, focusing on building bridges between science, technology and the arts, and on urban development. She is also the project manager for Waag's expeditions to planet B.

Floortje has experience in working in the arts, design and city planning. Next to her work for Waag, she works at Cascoland: an international network of artists, architects, designers and performers, working in the public space ,towards an ecological and socially sustainable society.

In her previous work at the social enterprise BYCS, she was involved in establishing the Bicycle Mayor Program: a global initiative - now consisting of around 100 changemakers in more than 30 countries - to accelerate the progress of cycling in cities.