One of the big tasks facing our society is the energy transition. How can we organise our energy system so that we stay within the limits of the earth and continue to have a nice living environment in the future? Social initiatives can make a major contribution to the energy transition. In 86% of Dutch municipalities, social initiatives are active in the field of sustainable energy. Unfortunately, they are often not (sufficiently) supported, so their strength is not maximised.

In the research project 'The Energy Transition in the Amsterdam Metropolis' Waag Futurelab, the Amsterdam Economic Board and Amsterdam Smart City examine the position of social initiative in the energy transition for the Amsterdam metropolitan region. How can the position of social initiative be strengthened so that they can produce 33% of the demand for electricity and heat in the Amsterdam metropolitan region by 2050? And what role can the Amsterdam Economic Board play in this?

Greater support for energy transition

The project The Energy Transition in the Amsterdam Metropolis builds on the lessons from the report More support for the energy transition published by Waag and Nationaal Klimaat Platform. The report describes what support initiatives need in terms of governance, social structures, legal frameworks, financial resources and technology to develop further. This national foresight showed that many of the issues require a regional approach. In the research project The Energy Transition in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area, Waag investigates which opportunities can be realised on a local scale. By using the public research method, working together with social initiatives and residents, we safeguard public values and focus on broad prosperity in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area.

Amsterdam Economic Board

The Amsterdam Economic Board is a network of companies, knowledge- and educational institutions, municipalities, provinces and civil society organisations working together on the Metropolis of Tomorrow. The research that Waag is conducting with the Amsterdam Economic Board is part of the programme Anders Kijken, Anders Doen: a call that is focused on collaboratively creating perspective and solutions for the complex social tasks that we face.

Project duration

1 Feb 2024 - 31 Jul 2024