Marit Hoefsloot

  • Concept & Project Developer
    Marit Hoefsloot, Waag.

    Marit is a concept and project developer within Waag’s Future Internet Lab. She works on European projects such as Digital European Public Spaces and ACROSS, focusing on the creation of digital platforms that adhere to public values such as openness, fairness, inclusivity, and sustainability. During her masters, Marit researched different design methodologies and the values and norms that rule them. She will be applying this knowledge in projects such as Public Stack: Design Process, which aims to create practical tools and guidelines for creating digital technologies that comply with the Public Stack model.

    Marit studied computer science at Amsterdam University College, where she developed a love for philosophy of technology. She is interested in AI and technological innovation in general, but she is critical of the way technologies are designed and employed. Her masters in Philosophy of Science, Technology, and Society enabled Marit to theoretically ground her personal values and principles.

    Previously, Marit worked at Grasple, an education technology startup that works to make statistics and mathematics education open and accessible for everyone. She also played a fundamental role in the founding of educate., an NGO that supports grassroots educational projects in Honduras.