Marit Hoefsloot, Waag.

Marit HoefslootConcept Developer

Marit is a concept developer at Waag Academy, where she works on the development and running of the Public Stack Academy. 

In projects such as ACROSS, Mobifree and Responsible Business Models, Marit researches value-driven digital platforms and their underlying business models. In doing so, she builds on the Public Stack model and puts the values of inclusion and equity at the heart of the design process. In the Public Stack Academy, she translates these theoretical values into practical principles, where she likes to use methods in co-creation and Art of Hosting. As a certified yoga teacher, she enjoys starting her workshops with a yoga exercise and gives weekly yoga classes in the office. In addition, Marit applies her enthusiasm and commitment to the Works Council. 

At Amsterdam University College, Marit developed an affinity for philosophy of technology. She continued this during the MSc Philosophy of Science, Technology and Society and the UTwente. During her studies, Marit helped found educate., an NGO for grassroots education projects in Honduras.

Current projects

Man op zijn telefoon in de metro
Future Internet Lab


Mobifree aims to bring about change in the development and use of mobile software in Europe by citizens, businesses, non-profit organisations and governments.
Mensen die aan een tafel met een workshop bezig zijn. Ze praten met elkaar en op tafel ligt een vel papier met stiften ernaast.
Future Internet Lab

Responsible Business Models

In this project, Waag and HvA investigate the conditions for digital public spaces and the fundamental aspects of a responsible business model.
Masterclass Netpolitiek, Waag, 2022
Future Internet Lab

Masterclass Net Politics 2022

Together with ISOC, Waag organises an annual Masterclass Net Politics where people working on digital society learn about topics such as digital transparency, public values on the internet and decision-making regarding large tech platforms.
VU Humanitieslab, Waag, 2022, Gunnar Ridderström via Unsplash
Future Internet Lab

VU Humanities Lab

Commissioned by the Vrije Universiteit, Waag is conducting an exploration of the digital resources that can be used by humanities students and what digital skills students need to take advantage of these resources.
Platformcoöp Accelerator-programma
Commons Lab

Platformcoöp Incubator

Together with the Commons Network, Waag is working on a Platform Co-op Accelerator programme that will connect and advance start-up initiatives that work with the commons. This way, we are encouraging a circular, local and fair economy.
Politiedrones en ethiek - Christopher Burns via Unsplash
Future Internet Lab

Police Drones and ethics

The Dutch national police plans to use more drones. Waag organises citizen focus groups to research the ethical considerations necessary.
Smart Citizens Lab


Together with citizens, investigative journalists and scientists, Waag research heat stress in the Netherlands.
Evening air traffic in Europe
Future Internet Lab


ACROSS improves privacy-friendly data exchange between EU member states' public services.