Maro Perez Bobadilla, door Jimena Gauna

Maro PeboFreelance Concept Developer

Mariana Pérez Bobadilla (Maro Pebo) creates concepts in projects of art and science at Waag. She develops learning situations where artist-lead innovation supports critical perspectives on technoscience.

Born in Mexico City, Maro holds a PhD in Creative Media (City University of Hong Kong), and a masters in Gender Studies (Bologna University). Maro Pebo is an artist who specialises in the intersections of art and biotech. Previously, she was the senior lecturer of Moist Media (DeTao, Shanghai) and curator for LASER, the Open Systems Salon, Nao Collective and the Mikro Collective, a catalogue of microbes for use in sustainable design and art. Her interest lies in skeptical environmental accountability and a microbial post-human turn.