Maro Perez Bobadilla, door Jimena Gauna

Maro PeboConcept Developer

Maro Pebo (Mariana Pérez Bobadilla) curates exhibitions, projects, and events in art and science at Waag. She develops learning situations where artist-led innovation supports critical perspectives on technoscience.

Maro Pebo is an artist and art historian specialising in the cultural dimensions of the life sciences. She was born in Mexico City and holds a Ph.D. in Creative Media (City University of Hong Kong) and an MA in Critical and Gender Studies (Bologna University). Her trans-disciplinary work complements and transforms the life sciences' responsibility to think about the materiality of the living.  Previously, she was the senior lecturer of Moist Media (DeTao, Shanghai). 

Maro has published and presented her research internationally. Her works have been displayed at Ars Electronica, Riga Stradins University Anatomy Museum in Latvia, the Toronto Design Festival, Gerdau Museum in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, The Rest Gallery, Ithaca, NY, the Multimedia Center in Mexico and the Lahore Media Arts Festival in Pakistan, and can be found on her website.