Social research agenda for AI

It's impossible not to notice: Artificial Intelligence (AI) development is surging ahead with momentum. Technology is advancing across various sectors, catering to a multitude of applications. However, this progress raises questions and concerns within society. Recent newspaper debates highlight issues such as students having their papers written by ChatGPT or Siri instantly answering all your questions while potentially listening in without your explicit request.

In the spring of 2023, Waag Futurelab conducted a survey to understand the topics that Dutch residents find important with regard to AI. With this follow-up, we are expanding on this research and will map the interests and priorities of the Dutch population on a larger scale. Waag Futurelab, in collaboration with the Dutch AI Coalition and I&O Research, will conduct a questionnaire among a panel representing the Dutch population.  The research will be based on the 12 themes formulated from the earlier research.

Using these insights, we want to find out if the Dutch population is aware of developments in the field of AI and what topics they want to bring to research and innovation. Using these insights, we want to make researchers more aware of the population's interests, questions and concerns about this topic. In this way, we want to encourage researchers to focus their research on these social issues so that they can address them and promote research on these topics.

This project is conducted in collaboration with the Dutch AI Coalition

Project duration

1 Jan 2024 - 30 Jun 2024