Simone van der Burg door Jimena Gauna - portret Waag

Simone van der BurgHead of Programme Code

Simone van der Burg is Head of Programme of the Code research group within Waag. She leads the team that focusses on digital public spaces and the (digital) commons. Next to this she is part of the Waag Management Board.

Before joining Waag Futurelab, Simone worked at Wageningen University and Research, where she was a Senior Researcher, and the programme leader for Ethics and Responsible Digitalisation. A highly experienced researcher, Simone’s portfolio at WUR focused on matters related to the impact of robotics/AI on agriculture and horticulture workers, and related ethical questions.

Prior to this she was the Assistant Professor in Ethics of Healthcare and Responsible Research and Innovation at IQ Healthcare, RadboudUMC. As graduate of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, she holds a PhD in Philosophy/Ethics, with a dissertation entitled ‘In kritisch gezelschap’ (‘In critical company’), on the role of criticism in ethics based on practices.

Current projects

Future Internet Lab

Balanced Choices

Waag develops a recommender application for libraries and other cultural institutions where values such as privacy and autonomy are central and the data is managed by the end-user themselves
Screen with ChatGPT
Future Internet Lab

Social research agenda for AI

Making researchers in the field of AI more aware of the questions and concerns surrounding AI that exist in society.
Code of Conduct
Commons Lab

Code of Conduct for the social economy

Working closely with the European Commission (Directorate General GROW), Waag Futurelab and the Commons Network are joining forces to develop a Code of Conduct together with individuals, organizations and agencies in the social economy. All with a shared goal to share, collect and build data management capacity within the ecosystem.
Man op zijn telefoon in de metro
Future Internet Lab


Mobifree aims to bring about change in the development and use of mobile software in Europe by citizens, businesses, non-profit organisations and governments.
AI Culture Lab binary code visual
Future Internet Lab

Digital Deal

How accelerated, yet unconsidered adoption of new technologies – such as artificial intelligence and machine learning – can alter or undermine democratic processes.
Mensen die aan een tafel met een workshop bezig zijn. Ze praten met elkaar en op tafel ligt een vel papier met stiften ernaast.
Future Internet Lab

Responsible Business Models

In this project, Waag and HvA investigate the conditions for digital public spaces and the fundamental aspects of a responsible business model.
Open HEM nu, Waag, 2022, Vivent Solar via Unsplash
Commons Lab

Open HEM now!

Commissioned by the Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland and Top Sector Energy, Waag is developing a Public Stack for home energy management systems: Home Energy Management Systems (HEMS).
Big Data
Future Internet Lab

Evaluation NWA-route Big Data

Beleidsmakers, private ontwikkelaars en wetenschappers bespreken vragen over big data van de Nationale Wetenschapsagenda.
Future Internet Lab

Living Lab Open Cultuurdata

Making cultural events easier to find with open-source technology. By NPO, Sound & Vision, PublicSpaces and Waag.
Public Stack Summit
Commons Lab


Atelier is a five-year project funded by the European Commission that focuses on shaping energy-positive neighbourhoods. Residents, local stakeholders and companies will work together in these neighbourhoods to create a local energy system that generates energy sustainably.