On August 12, 2018 Marleen Stikker was a guest for three hours in the VPRO television programme Zomergasten (Summer guests), in an interview with Janine Abbring. The programme is based on an idea that is both simple and innovative: asking inspiring people to explain excerpts of their choice for an evening.

Marleen Stikker: 'I searched for Zomergasten fragments about our special relationship to technology. The fun we have in tinkering with creation. The seemingly unlimited possibilities with technology as a solution for all possible problems. But also the fear of alienation and the 'black box' effect: what happens behind the scenes? Who has the power over technology? The question that is central to me is whether we can determine our future ourselves.'

The delivery of Zomergasten has led to many reactions, on social media, but also by telephone and via e-mail. Through the websites we received many dozens of responses to the broadcast. On this page we have collected our own contributions, as well as the summary and podcast made by the VPRO.

Project duration

12 Aug 2018 - 12 Aug 2018





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