Fair Meter Initiative
Waag BY

Fair, the new Smart

Written by Jorn Dost.

Dutch Grid Compagny Alliander and Waag have joined their forces to represent sustainability in the energy sector. During the conference Metering, Billing/CRM Europe 2012 in Amsterdam RAI, we launched the Fair Meter Initiative. With this initiative, we are working on a fair production process for the new smart meters, with better working conditions and without the use of conflict minerals.

The Amsterdam RAI was fully dedicated to energy for three days. The combination of leading speakers and an extensive exhibition attracted a lot of national and international visitors to the Dutch capital. Flat screens and all kinds of high-tech gadgetry, like the 3D Experience Energy, dominated the exhibition. Nevertheless, the ‘simple’ hut of the Fair Meter Initiative attracted many visitors. They were very curious about the story behind our stand and the 'Shanzai workshop' we offered.

Visitors were given the opportunity to build there own 'Fair Meter', made of recycled parts from old meters. A wooden circuit board formed the basis on which participants glued the old components. Finally, not only a fair amount of special designs were created, but also many interesting conversations took place.

Sustainability is a new theme in the energy sector and is not a priority for everybody. Nonetheless, many visitors had a clear view on sustainability and the chances for the future. "What is the first step towards a Fair Meter?" was one of the questions we asked the visitors to answer. Their suggestions were eventually attached to the hut with a white post-it. The final result: the blue facade of the stand turning white because of our collection with ideas.

The launch did not go unnoticed. Several companies were very positive about the initiative and don't exclude a partnership in the future. Fair, the new Smart?