Plant stories

On Thursday 29 August, a second laboratory day took place in our project 'Plants for the future' with the botanical gardens of The Netherlands. Again, the employees of several gardens gathered at the Von Gimborn Arboretum in Doorn. 

In the morning, the participants shared the reactions from their colleagues on the first ideas they had brought home from the first session. And it turned out that the number of ideas had only grown. Almost all ideas are about involving people, to get them to look in a different way at the plants, and about letting visitors play an active role. In a playful way, they are all touching the essence of the botanical gardens and are making invisible stories visible.

Starting next week, the most promising ideas will be developed further into more concrete concepts. The laboratory then moves on to the Hortus in Leiden for two weeks.

(This is a shortened translation of the Dutch version of this blogpost).



Dick van Dijk