The potential of quantum is great, it could drive innovation in healthcare, energy, environmental systems and more. But the technology also raises many questions. The goal of Quantum Inspire is to give more users access to the technology so that they can independently program and run quantum algorithms. Waag will investigate the implications of quantum computing for society together with users.

Quantum computers are rather curious systems that perform complex calculations in a fundamentally different way than we are used to. This requires the development of not only new hardware, but also new algorithms and programs. The Quantum Inspire project aims to involve society, in addition to scientists, in understanding the implications and potential impact of this relatively new technology. Although the applications of quantum mechanics are not yet easily understood, it is clear that this branch of physics opens up a new world of possibilities in the field of computer science and information processing.

In order to increase the group that has access to quantum technology and thus broaden the conversation, the project partners are working on expanding the availability and quality of publicly accessible infrastructure. By organizing public talks, performances and exhibitions, in addition to an educational program, the partners explore the value and meaning of this technology for society, and thus give direction to possible quantum-based applications in sectors such as healthcare, energy, environmental systems, smart materials and more.

Waag's activities focus on three target groups: school students, HBO students and tech-minded 'citizens'. Activities include a co-creation lesson series in which students develop quantum board games themselves and innovation workshops in which HBO students get to work with the Quantum Inspire platform. In addition, interested citizens and artists are involved in events concerning social applications for quantum computers.

As part of the Quantum Inspire project, Waag and partners will organize a series of co-creation workshops, bringing together and inspiring students, artists and tech-minded citizens. The first workshop was held September 2022, the second one in December 2022. Check out the photo's here.

A third workshop will follow in March 2023. Are you interested? Mail to albana [at] waag [dot] org

Based on all the insights from these co-creation activities, the translation is made into the design of educational materials and accessible user interfaces for the quantum computer.