Vienna Open 2014

Marleen Stikker of Waag will join the Vienna Open Festival on 25 and 26 October 2014 for a lecture on the first day called 'Towards Fair and Open Technologies' and a panel discussion the day after on 'Smart City and Fair Green Technology'.

The Vienna Open Festival 2014 takes place for the third time in succession. This year, the main focus lies on the open composition of design and architecture as well as on open knowledge transfer and urban development. The festival negotiates current projects and collaborations in the area of culture and creative industries and around the New Critical Theory.

During the festival period from October 16th to November 2nd, a variety of topics revolving around the omnipresent digitalisation, new ways of open societies and open economic models are investigated. Workshops and presentations will raise and discuss questions such as ‘What kind of post-digital strategies does an open society need? Do initiatives such as Upcycling, Repair it and Fab Labs create a new materialism? Or do the economy, politics and society need new models and social innovations so as to react to future problems better? Current approaches and questions of the critical theory relating to the investigation of society and technology, ecocide, alienation and societal inequalities are taken into consideration.

Vienna Open 2014 – The Program
The post-digital age as a term describes the society that is pervaded by electronic and digital processes. Digital is omnipresent and has alternated the production of goods, our socio-economic living spaces and our communicative behaviour permanently. Under this light, how does society react when all aspects of living are displayed digitally?

In recent years, also influenced by the Vienna Open festival, a ‘Wiener Modell’ of Open Design has developed that not only examines open design processes and design per se, but also adjacent fields, such as the cultural and creative industries. The festival also investigates our interaction with daily products, processes and the way we exchange, distribute and negotiate our goods. Shared Economies, Open Source and Upcycling are new ways of critical exchange and consumption and constitute a new materialism which is a further issue of the festival. Open Design and Fab Labs generate a new kind of cooperation and collaboration.

More information and the full programme available at http://2014.viennaopen.net


Mobiles Stadtlabor, Karlsplatz, 1040 Vienna Austria