Waag Talks at DDW - LABS: Future Interiors meetup #3

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How can we design interiors as ecosystems?

Our interiors predominantly consist of an invisible, but very essential ‘mass’: air. As several studies from the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the United Nations (UN) show, the air quality of the built environment is one of today’s crucial challenges, and poor air quality can become a threat to our health. 

Through our research project Living Aero Bacterial Systems (LABS): Future Interiors we aim to make our indoor climate healthier and more sustainable by translating natural systems and their relationships into architectural elements, that function in symbiosis with its users. The developed bacteria grown textiles – KOMBUTEX – act as 100% biodegradable interior elements and as a substrate for vegetation. ⁠KOMBUTEX has the power to make our future interiors grow and evolve as alive, regenerative, and interactive spaces.

The third meetup for LABS: Future Interiors will take place as part of Embassy of Health at Dutch Design Week. Here, we will present our pilot interior product, KOMBUquet, which includes the very different faces of KOMBUTEX: hard and soft, blind and translucent, 2D and 3D, alive and in symbiosis with other cultures. This ensemble demonstrates the versatility of the novel material and its response to the current health crisis – it redirects the airflow and purifies the air. Invited experts in fields from research to implementation will discuss how we can transform our interiors into healthy and sustainable ecosystems.


Participation is free.

This research is done by Studio Samira Boon in collaboration with the HybridFormsLab by Raoul Frese / Biophysics of Photosynthesis VU Amsterdam and Waag, and is supported by the Creative Industries Fund.