In collaboration with Waag and the VU Amsterdam, Studio Samira Boon is working on 'Living Aero Bacterial Systems' (LABS). This project focuses on a new material to improve our interiors with natural processes: a kombucha-based textile that enhances the air quality by integrating mosses and green plants.

LABS: Future Interiors is a collaboration between Studio Samira Boon and two research partners in the field of biotechnology research and experimentation: the VU-LABs and Waag's TextileLab and Open Wetlab.

This collaboration aims to take the first step towards the creation of a living interior piece. How can we make our indoor climate healthier by developing new materials from living organisms? The enormous potential of living matter around us will help the development of a living kombucha textile piece that focuses on improving air quality with the integration of mosses and green plants. 

Waag will be involved in the material research and the organization of three meet-ups, that will take place at de Waag.

2 April 2020
First meet-up at Waag.

10 September 2020
Second meet-up at Waag.

Third meet-up at Waag.

Project duration

1 Jan 2020 - 1 Nov 2020





  • Studio Samira Boon
  • Vrije Universiteit VU-Lab