This overview shows our current projects. For older projects that have been completed, visit our project archive.

  • We learn
    Creative Learning Lab
    SUSHI is an interactive app for educational support of the theater programme Revolutions of Het Nationale Theater.
  • We code
    Smart Citizens Lab
    With GammaSense 2.0 we develop a citizen network for the measurement of radioactive radiation.
  • We learn
    Maker Education Lab
    The SySTEM 2020 project is aimed at connecting STEAM learning outside the classroom.
  • We care
    Creative Care Lab
    Within the PACO project we will develop fundemental knowledge on the acceptance, working principles and persuasiveness of virtual agents.
  • Waag
    'Current affairs' is the denominator under which we share what occupies us at that moment (unrelated to one of our projects).
  • We code
    Future Internet Lab
    The Digital Identity Lab is looking for new ideas, concepts and concrete tools that can include a reliable and secure digital identity.