This overview shows our current projects. For older projects that have been completed, visit our project archive.

  • We make
    Open Design Lab
    Every Thursday everyone is welcome to unravel technology together with us. On the open Thursday, there is room to think critically about advancing…
  • We make
    Open Design Lab
    Matérialités Futures is a course at EnsAD during which students will learn about biofabricating dyes and materials from TextileLab Amsterdam.
  • We make
    Textile Academy
    The Fabricademy (Textile Academy) focuses on combining the knowledge of traditional and future craftsmanship to work towards new ways of designing…
  • Waag
    Waag offers a range of courses for makers of all ages. Based on our experiences, we can also create a special course for your organisation, in one of…
  • We learn
    Future Heritage Lab
    Together with the CKD Waag will develop a mobile app to make stories about mediaeval choir stalls more accessible.
  • We care
    MakeHealth Lab
    In the European project, Made4You, we're building an international learning community of makers, care recipients, and healthcare professionals over a…