This overview shows our current projects. For older projects that have been completed, visit our project archive.

  • We learn
    Maker Education Lab
    To school librarians in the latest make techniques, Waag has developed the Librarian Maker Camp.
  • We learn
    Future Heritage Lab
    Hortus Chat is a smartphone application for visitors to engage in a dialogue with plants.
  • We make
    Open Wetlab
    Developing ethical frameworks for artists, cultural institutions and audiences engaged in the challenges of creating and experiencing new art forms…
  • We care
    Creative Care Lab
    In this project, we aim prevent smoking during pregnancy by supporting a smoking prevention approach within a family-central treatment method.
  • We make
    Open Wetlab
    The project Critical Making will bring together practices in contemporary art, design and technology with artistic research.
  • We code
    Future Internet Lab
    Cities-4-People is a three year project that aims to implement a pilot program running at five urban and peri-urban areas where citizens, city…