Each of Waag's Research Labs works on one or multiple projects at a time. They are executed in collaboration with partners on the local, national and international level.

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Social research agenda for AI

Screen with ChatGPT
Future Internet Lab
Making researchers in the field of AI more aware of the questions and concerns surrounding AI that exist in society.


Man op zijn telefoon in de metro
Future Internet Lab
Mobifree aims to bring about change in the development and use of mobile software in Europe by citizens, businesses, non-profit organisations and governments.

Grip on Own Data

Metro traffic data
Future Internet Lab
Waag Futurelab investigates how citizens can get 'grip on their own data'. We will analyse existing tools that the government currently makes available to give citizens insight into data that the government processes about them.

Science in the Cloud

Co-creatie public stack summit Waag
Smart Citizens Lab
The project Science in the Cloud researches how online platform KennisCloud should be designed for scientists, citizen scientists and knowledge institutions to collaborate on social and scientific issues.

Social Initiative in the Energy Transition

Mensen in een groene omgeving met op de achtergrond een kas met zonnepanelen
Smart Citizens Lab
Commissioned by the Nationaal Klimaat Platform (NKP), Waag Futurelab is working on the design of an programme on Social Initiative in the Energy Transition.

Critical ChangeLabs

Critical ChangeLabs
Maker Education Lab
Young people are the future of democracy. In our Critical ChangeLabs project, we research how we can build notions of active citizenship amongst young people, 11 to 18 years old.

Local Color

local color
Local Color is a two-year project researching the conditions for a regenerative city that facilitates the growth of local biochromes to be used for closed-loop, local production on a small city scale.


Tracks4Crafts explores and transforms the transfer of traditional craft knowledge to increase the social and economic appreciation of crafts and align them with a forward-looking heritage approach in Europe.

Technological Citizenship

Maker Education Lab
An investigation into the role of creative making processes in developing citizenship skills among young people in a digital society.

Human Values for Smarter Cities

Beveiligingscamera in de stad
Smart Citizens Lab
In Human Values for Smarter Cities, Waag Futurelab investigates the process of procurement when applying smart city technology in public spaces.

Imagining public connectivity

FabLearn onderwijsconferentie
Smart Citizens Lab
The lack of meaningful imaginaries about 5G and the knowledge concentration within industries are catalysts of public distrust. We aim to create a shared knowledge base among citizens and governments to include citizens in official local decision-making processes around 5G.


Platformcoöp Accelerator
Smart Citizens Lab
With a broad coalition of social organisations, Waag works to strengthen the local, cooperative community economy in the Amsterdam metropolitan area.

Digital Deal

AI Culture Lab binary code visual
Future Internet Lab
How accelerated, yet unconsidered adoption of new technologies – such as artificial intelligence and machine learning – can alter or undermine democratic processes.

Responsible Business Models

Mensen die aan een tafel met een workshop bezig zijn. Ze praten met elkaar en op tafel ligt een vel papier met stiften ernaast.
Future Internet Lab
In this project, Waag and HvA investigate the conditions for digital public spaces and the fundamental aspects of a responsible business model.

Masterclass Net Politics 2022

Masterclass Netpolitiek, Waag, 2022
Future Internet Lab
Together with ISOC, Waag organises an annual Masterclass Net Politics where people working on digital society learn about topics such as digital transparency, public values on the internet and decision-making regarding large tech platforms.

VU Humanities Lab

VU Humanitieslab, Waag, 2022, Gunnar Ridderström via Unsplash
Future Internet Lab
Commissioned by the Vrije Universiteit, Waag is conducting an exploration of the digital resources that can be used by humanities students and what digital skills students need to take advantage of these resources.

Good Game

Maker Education Lab
A theatre performance created by gamers about gaming. In it, young gamers composed their own music via software, which is ideally a metaphor for learning code (programming language).

Platformcoöp Incubator

Platformcoöp Accelerator-programma
Commons Lab
Together with the Commons Network, Waag is working on a Platform Co-op Accelerator programme that will connect and advance start-up initiatives that work with the commons. This way, we are encouraging a circular, local and fair economy.

Open HEM now!

Open HEM nu, Waag, 2022, Vivent Solar via Unsplash
Commons Lab
Commissioned by the Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland and Top Sector Energy, Waag is developing a Public Stack for home energy management systems: Home Energy Management Systems (HEMS).

World Weather Network

World Weather Network
Space Lab
Waag is part of the World Weather Network, a global coalition of artists and organisations formed in response to the climate crisis.


Asunder - Silicon Valley
Space Lab
The way people imagine the planet substantially impacts the environment. More-than-Planet will address a crisis of planetary imaginary.

Tactical Media Room

Waag opent haar deuren
Future Internet Lab
The Tactical Media Room aims to support independent tactical media, journalists, newsrooms and civic initiatives from Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus.

Charging the Commons

Commons Lab
Charging the Commons is a project exploring the design of digital platforms for resource communities.

Evaluation NWA-route Big Data

Big Data
Future Internet Lab
Beleidsmakers, private ontwikkelaars en wetenschappers bespreken vragen over big data van de Nationale Wetenschapsagenda.