Waag and the Microbiome Center are joining forces to research how new technological solutions can contribute to more control for patients in diseases related to their microbiome. The microbiome is a collective term for all bacteria, viruses and yeasts that exist in the human body. This microbiome can change in many ways, often influenced by our diet, and is unique to every person.

'The patient is central to her own microbiome treatment.'

In the upcoming period, Waag will use creative research methods to investigate how patients can play a central role in design processes. Based on the idea of ​​human-centered design, the patient is provided with resources to fulfill a central role in their own treatment. This way, new forms of care can be created, in which the patient is in control and can find answers to personal questions or health conditions.

Often, conditions and underlying causes related to the microbiome are extremely specific per person. With this project, Waag and the Microbiome Center aim to design a new working method that supports people with chronic illnesses to look for solutions based on their own personal health questions. The project searches for new ways for patients and doctors to relate to each other, and researches the role technology can play in this.

The collaboration between Microbiome Center and Waag results in design solutions that contribute to patients' quality of life. The results of the research will be used within the Microbiome Center to improve treatment methods. The project will not look for specific new treatments, but instead designs a process that enables personalised care for chronic conditions in the future. This will ensure that the outcome of the project is widely applicable and sustainable in the long term.

Project duration

1 Jun 2021 - 28 Feb 2022




  • Microbiome Center

This project is financed by Agis Innovation Fund.