Denis Costa

Denis CostaProject Manager

Denis Costa was project manager for the Smart Citizens Lab of Waag. He investigated how data, technology and active citizenship can help address the challenges our society is facing today. 

Denis managed research projects across several thematic domains, including environmental monitoring, climate adaptation, health and food transitions, and citizen participation. Examples include research projects on air quality (Hollandse Luchten), the smart city and data-driven healthcare. He has a background in International Relations and Environmental Science.

Closed projects

expeditie toekomst
Smart Citizens Lab

Public Civil Cooperation

In this project, Waag investigates new knowledge and process models, which support sustainable cooperation between citizens and governments.
Waag_Microbiome Center_Gezond leven
Smart Citizens Lab

Healthy life, healthy microbiome

Waag and the Microbiome Center are joining forces to research how technological solutions contributing to more control for patients in diseases related to their microbiome.
Data visualisation - data graphics
Smart Citizens Lab

Shared Cities, Smart Citizens

This project examines the conditions for building a future smart city. Public values and the rights and needs of citizens play a central role.
opening planet b
Smart Citizens Lab

Tipping the Balance

The aim of Tipping the Balance is to investigate which factors and strategies play a role in encouraging citizens to make healthier food choices.
Participatie Waternet
Smart Citizens Lab

Participation @ Waternet

Waternet strives to make the participative approach their standard approach in working, when possible and relevant. Waag's Smart Citizen Lab, aimed at citizen science, will help Waternet in taking the first step from pilots to a new policy.
Sentinel Citizen. (c) Copernicus, CAMS.
Smart Citizens Lab

Sentinel Citizen

Sentinel Citizen connects air quality data generated by citizen measurements of the project Hollandse Luchten, with data from satellites of the European Space Agency.
Commons Lab
Commons Lab

Chamber of Commons

The Chamber of Commons bolsters the interests of commons and commoners.
Proeftuin digitale democratie
Future Internet Lab

Digital Democracy Lab

In the Digital Democracy Lab, the possibilities for strengthening democracy are investigated by applying new digital participation tools to Dutch municipalities.
Smart Citizens Lab

GammaSense 2.0

With GammaSense 2.0 we develop a citizen network for the measurement of radioactive radiation.
Amsterdam Sounds project
Smart Citizens Lab

Amsterdam Sounds

Making cooperative tools for civic participation and citizen science in the field of noise pollution.
DSI map Europe
Commons Lab


Digital Social Innovation in Europe (DSI4EU) supports digital social innovation networks in Europe.