This overview shows our current projects. For older projects that have been completed, visit our project archive.

  • We code
    Future Internet Lab
    The government is working on a framework for the use of algorithms. Waag investigates how this framework works in practice. Does it ask relevant…
  • Waag
    AI Culture Lab
    With Supre:organism, Waag sets out to establish a contemporary artistic understanding of life in outer space.
  • We learn
    Maker Education Lab
    Waag collaborates with the City of Amsterdam in the project Culturele Maakkaravaan to explore and improve the relationship between Amsterdam citizens…
  • We learn
    Future Heritage Lab
    Waag works together with Imagine IC to create a new tool for a dynamic approach to cultural heritage.
  • We care
    MakeHealth Lab
    The Embassy of Health explores the challenges within healthcare and unites the different perspectives in the cross-over of technology, design,…
  • We code
    Smart Citizens Lab
    Sentinel Citizen connects air quality data generated by citizen measurements of the project Hollandse Luchten, with data from satellites of the…