This overview shows our current projects. For older projects that have been completed, visit our project archive.

  • We code
    Commons Lab
    In this project we sketch a picture of the dilemmas that digitisation entails within public administration and the effect this has on society.
  • We make
    WearPure is material research project that explores how we can create new materials that actively purify the environment from CO2.
  • Waag
    planet B
    The European ARTificial Intelligence Lab brings AI related scientific and technological topics to general citizens and art audiences.
  • We care
    Creative Care Lab
    U-TOPIA sets the first step towards the empowerment of older Human Immunodeficiency Virus-patients.
  • We learn
    Creative Learning Lab
    In 'AI AI Barbie', new frameworks for responsible use of AI in toys are being drawn up together with parents, children and experts.
  • We learn
    Creative Learning Lab
    Can you touch data? Together with primary school students HvA and Waag are looking for a tangible representation of big data.