Socrates Schouten

  • Head of Programma Code
    Socrates Schouten, Waag, 2021

    Socrates Schouten works as Head of Programme at Waag's Code-team.

    Socrates Schouten is researcher and writer in the field of the circular economy and the commons. In 2016 he wrote the book 'De circulaire economie' (The Circular Economy, published by Leesmagazijn) about ecological thinking and the philosophy of the commons.

    Socrates worked at several social organisations in the field of sustainability, recycling, green politics and change in the way economics are approached in The Netherlands, such Recycling Netwerk, Bureau de Helling, Qoin and 'Platform Duurzame en Solidaire Economie' (PDSE). Socrates studied environmental sciences at the TU Delft and the University of Leiden.