Children use the internet more and more often, starting at an early age. The possibilities seem endless: digital tools serve as a means of communication and offer opportunities for individual development, education and entertainment. At the same time, these new technologies bring new risks. With children participating in an online environment more often, they are also more likely to become victims of manipulation, cyberbullying, sexting or having their personal data taken.

Waag works together with Leiden University to create a Code for Children's Rights. Such a code already exists in Great Britain, entitled Age Appropriate Design: a code of practices for online service. A Dutch code will not only emphasise children's right to privacy, but also the right to protection against economic exploitation and the right to online participation.

Guidelines and tools are formulated together with professionals, developers and users of a young age. With these guidelines, software developers and suppliers can embed the protection of children's rights within their product or service at an early stage of the design process, creating a safer digital environment for children. 

Project duration

30 Sept 2021 - 31 Dec 2021




  • Universiteit Leiden