Global warming can have very personal impact. For example, when bedrooms in rental houses warm up so much during hot summer days, that its inhabitants will cope with heat stress. In collaboration with the Dutch investigative journalism platform Argos (VPRO), Waag will research heat stress in the Netherlands. We will do this by researching how journalists and citizens can play equal roles in the production of news stories.

This project, called Thermo-staat (or thermo-state in translation) is focused on researching equal working relations between journalism and the public, in producing stories about heat stress. Waag and Argos predict a major role for citizen science as a way to gather knowledge about the consequences of hot summer weather on the living climate in rental properties. Therefore, in Thermo-staat, Waag will test a number of hypotheses on the use of digital community platforms for citizen measurement networks. What requirements should such a digital platform meet in order to ensure equal cooperation between journalists and citizen scientists?

In addition, Waag will investigate what a heat stress citizen measurement network should look like. Which data are already there, and which data could we add through the use of citizen science? What measuring instruments are needed, and what would this require of the citizen scientists themselves? Also, how should data be visualised so that they are of use to the citizen scientists? If the investigation confirms our assumptions, the ambition is that Waag will start building the heat stress citizen measurement network in the Summer of 2022.


The research project Thermo-staat is carried out in collaboration with VPRO, on behalf of NPO Innovation.

Project duration

12 Oct 2021 - 31 Mar 2022




  • VPRO Argos
  • NPO Innovatie


  • NPO Innovatie