Christine van den Horn

  • Head of Public Programme
    Christine van den Horn

    Christine van den Horn is responsible for the public programme of Waag, our interface to the outside world, aimed at sharing of knowledge, vision and showing projects to a wide audience. This programme involves hands-on research with the public and finding new ways to experience what the impact of technology can be.

    The public events of Waag are mainly held at our historic location 'De Waag' on the Nieuwmarkt square in Amsterdam.

    Before Christine started working for Waag, she was festival director new media for Cinekid Amsterdam.


  • Waag
    During Talking data @ Fablab Amsterdam on Saturday 21 September we worked on tangible data visualisations, made with software developed by Bert Spaan…
  • We learn
    Maker Education Lab
    Fabschool Kids at #OHM2013: enjoying the sun between hackers and nerds.
  • We make
    Open Wetlab
    At Do it Together Bio #4 on 3 April 2013 we worked with Aliibrio ficheri, bacteria that are bioluminescence, made 3D prints with living material and…
  • We code
    Future Internet Lab
    On March 25th, 2013, Ravi Sundaram visited Waag to give a lecture about the media boom in India and to visit old friends.
  • We make
    Open Wetlab
    Quantified Self (QS) stands, in short, for measuring yourself. Using tools to translate your behaviour in data. On Monday March 4th Waag hosted the…
  • We learn
    Future Heritage Lab
    Explore the city’s gay & lesbian history with your smartphone. For this reason why many others and I gathered at the Amsterdam Museum: the launch…