Christine van den Horn

Christine van den HornHead of Public Programme

Christine van den Horn was responsible for the public programme of Waag, aimed at the sharing of knowledge, vision and project results to a wide audience. The programme involves hands-on research by the public and aims at finding new ways to experience what the impact of technology can be. She was co-lead of Waag's Interface team.

Christine was trained as an arts teacher in Amsterdam. Next to this, she studied Autonomous Art & Media Technology and did her masters in Media Arts (EMMA) at University of the Arts Utrecht. Before Christine started working for Waag, she was festival producer and director of new media at Cinekid Amsterdam.

Closed projects

campagnebeeld hdgs
Future Internet Lab

Hackathon de groene stad

In het project hackathon groene steden komen initiatieven bijeen die zich focussen op het vergroenen van steden. Waag organiseert vier groen-expedities en een hackathon.
culturele maakkaravaan
Maker Education Lab

Culturele Maakkaravaan

Waag collaborates with the City of Amsterdam in the project Culturele Maakkaravaan to explore and improve the relationship between Amsterdam citizens and the digital city.
AI AI Barbie
Creative Learning Lab

AI AI Barbie

In 'AI AI Barbie', new frameworks for responsible use of AI in toys are being drawn up together with parents, children and experts.
Makerbox Waag
Maker Education Lab

Waag Makerbox

By making it yourself, you learn better how 'things' and 'systems' are put together and you can get creative with technology yourself.


WeMakeThe.City is the festival that makes cities better.
Do Worry be happy visual
Future Internet Lab

Do Worry, be happy

In the blog series 'Do worry, be happy!' we talk to experts in the field of technology, innovation and ethics about new developments.
FabLearn Maakfestival Eindhoven
Maker Education Lab

Maker festival and Maker Faire Eindhoven presented the best that the maker industry and maker education have to offer.
Open Lights, Made for my wheelchair
Care Lab


In the European project, Made4You, we're building an international learning community of makers, care recipients, and healthcare professionals over a three year period.
Smart Kids Lab, Marineterrein Amsterdam, Smart Kids Lab
Creative Learning Lab

Smart Kids Lab

The Smart Kids Lab enables children to map their environment in a playful way, by using modern technology and instruments.
Do-It-Together Science Bus
Open Wetlab

Doing it together science

Citizens have a major role to play in addressing the challenges to a sustainable future. It is by ‘doing science together’ that we combine our resources and expertise to raise awareness, build capacity, and innovative lasting solutions grounded in society.
Making Sense
Smart Citizens Lab

Making Sense

Making Sense showed how open-source software, open-source hardware, digital maker practices and open design can be used by local communities to make sense of their environments.
Random Number Multiples by Jer Thorp
Future Internet Lab

Big, Open & Beautiful

Big, Open & Beautiful was a series of Waag and Pakhuis de Zwijger on open data, big data and the possibilities of visualising data.