Isabel Berentzen

Isabel BerentzenProject Manager

Isabel Berentzen is project manager with Waag's TextileLab. Here, she leads projects on the crossings of textiles, ecology, innovation and digital fabrication. She is specifically interested in making (learning by doing), and the role designers play in changing existing power structures.

Isabel is an industrial designer (TU Delft). She graduated at Studio Pauline van Dongen with an intelligent denim jacket called Issho. Isabel researched intelligent clothing and the influence garments have on the way we experience our surroundings. For three years, she worked as an innovation and production manager within the circular textile industry, where she led the process of recycling textile waste into new products. 

Current projects

local color

Local Color

Local Color is a two-year project researching the conditions for a regenerative city that facilitates the growth of local biochromes to be used for closed-loop, local production on a small city scale.


Tracks4Crafts seeks to personify and define a crafts person 2.0. In this project, we seek a future-proof heritage approach that enriches crafts and makes them more resilient where possible, without losing the characteristic features of craft heritage.
Open Wetlab


In BioCommons, we investigate how we as a society can deal with our biological and genetic data, and how this data can be seen as a commons.
Fabricademy IAAC Lab Barcelona


shemakes empowers future female innovators of the sustainable fashion industry through inspiration, skills and networks to bridge the gender gap in the textile and clothing sector.
Fablearn onderwijsconferentie

Innovating textile education for VMBO

Montessori Lyceum Amsterdam and Waag are innovating textile education by developing a learning line in textiles for students on the VMBO level.
TextileLab Amsterdam workshop


Culture.Fashion is an open, value-driven network of people and organisations who want to work together on a future-proof fashion sector in the Netherlands.
Reflow Pilot Textile


Reflow was a three-year European research project, looking into the flow of materials through our cities.
Fashion Clash Festival with Waag's Textile Lab


Fabricademy focuses on combining the knowledge of traditional and future craftsmanship to work towards new ways of designing and producing for the slowly changing textile and fashion-industry.
BioHack Academy
Open Wetlab

BioHack Academy

After completing this first BioHack Academy you can grow your own fuel, food, filaments, farmaceuticals, fragances, fungi and much more funky bio stuff at home