Embassy of Health

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The Embassy of Health is a platform to explore new approaches to health challenges. In addition, we encourage creative and disruptive thinking to support citizens, patients, healthcare professionals and policy makers in their role of understanding and fulfilling the possibilities of design for the future of healthcare. The embassy is an open platform for participation in healthcare, and encourages cross-over collaborations in healthcare.

The Embassy of Health is a unique partnership between Waag, Philips Design, Máxima MC, U CREATE, Creative Industries Fund NL and Dutch Design Foundation.

With the annual exhibition Chronic Health - during the Dutch Design Week - the Embassy of Health shows the power of design in transitions in healthcare. To understand these transitions, it helps to imagine this. That is where designers excel in excellence, and what we also call design power. If we can use these for complex social issues, such as healthcare, we can look together for new, and possibly better, solutions for the future.