Currently, cooperation between government and social initiatives is often stagnant. New forms of cooperation between government and society are needed. Scientific research on social transitions shows the need for new models for changing roles and responsibilities for the parties involved. However, these studies lack applying the knowledge and insights to changing governance within social transitions.

This is where the creative industry has an important role to play. With its knowledge and deployment of design methods, the creative industry acts as a booster and link to connect the different interests and allow involved parties to participate as equal partners in this transition. In this context, Waag Futurelab initiated the research project Publiek-Civiele Samenwerking (Public Civil Cooperation).

Waag Futurelab investigates in the project Publiek-Civiele Samenwerking how the cooperation between citizens and governments can be improved. By researching current cooperation this project aims to develop new knowledge and process models that support sustainable cooperation between citizens and governments to realise successful participation. With the premise that this knowledge is applicable in a wide range of domains, where citizens and governments cooperate.

The Public-Civil Collaboration Handbook

The research resulted in the Toolkit Public-Civic Collaboration: a book full of inspiration, examples, support and design methods to strengthen public-civic collaborations. The handbook offers support to social initiatives, civil servants and policymakers, but also to financiers and local entrepreneurs active in domains where citizens, businesses and governments meet. Think of the energy transition or the housing market: domains where new ways of working are sought to tackle complex issues.

Download the toolkit (in Dutch)

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Contact Tessel [at] waag [dot] org or Imme [at] waag [dot] org.

Project duration

12 Jan 2022 - 30 Dec 2023




This activity was (co)financed with the PPP allowance of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate from CLICKNL. CLICKNL is the top consortium for Knowledge and Innovation (TKI) of the creative industry.