Lodewijk Loos

  • Developer
    Lodewijk Loos, door Jimena Gauna.

    Lodewijk Loos has been working at Waag for ages. During his studies (Music Technology) he contributed to KeyWorx, a tool for live multimedia performances with a distributed interface, an application ahead of its time. Working on various related projects (e.g. ScratchWorx) he evolved himself into an allround software developer.

    Nowadays he focuses on web development (front and backend), iOS (e.g. Hortus Chat, Chasing) and interactive installations (e.g. Smart Kids Lab, SuperHeldenEiland, de Populair).

    Lodewijk is a creative developer who likes to follow a pragmatic approach. Not only he thinks about how to make things, but also he is very concerned about what it is that he is making. He is also developer of the iPad game for children called Happy Draw Bug (free).