Pam de Sterke

  • Project manager
    Pam de Sterke

    Pam works as project manager for Waag's Future Heritage Lab and Creative Learning Lab.

    Pam sees her work at Waag as a way in which she can host societal change, using her expertise on creative processes, her ability to connect people and her experience in establishing promising initiatives.

    She is Master of Arts in theatre dramaturgy (University of Amsterdam, 2007) and is experienced in coordinating artistic research projects. Pam created the organisational basis for a media lab for artistic research and higher education in the performing arts at Utrecht University of the Arts. She is interested in interactive performative work, site-specific, and immersive theatre.

    Pam has a broad experience in managing group intervention events, co-creation sessions and hosting communities: from managing group-intervention events in change management context for corporate clients to hosting a network of social entrepreneurs of Impact Hub Amsterdam, to members of a temporary intentional community. She is trained in the MG Taylor methodology of Capgemini’s ASE. As well as in a wide variety of methods gathered and shared through the Art of Hosting community and the Living Wholeness Institute.


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