Lucas Evers - portret door Jimena Gauna

Lucas EversHead of Make Programme & Lead Open Wetlab

Lucas Evers joined Waag in April 2007 and is currently leading Waag's Open Wetlab and Make programme (FabLab, TextileLab and Open Wetlab). He is actively involved in several projects that concern the interactions between the arts and sciences, arts and ethics and the arts in a contemporary makers culture. The Wetlab is a laboratory where arts, design, sciences, engineering and the public meet to research biotechnologies and their impact on society and ecology.

Lucas Evers is trained in fine arts and teaching at Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts and Design and he studied politics at the University of Amsterdam. He worked De Balie Center for Culture and Politics and Melkweg in Amsterdam, programming cinema, new media and politics.

He organized a retrospective of French cinematographer Chris Marker was involved in projects such as 'net.congestion – international festival of streaming media', Next 5 Minutes, e-culture fair, an Archeology of Imaginary Media and a number of programs related to the societal debate about the life sciences.

From 2010 until 2013 he was advisor at DasArts, second phase theatre and performance education, mentoring students. He has been commission member at Mondriaan Fund and is currently commission member at Amsterdam Fund for the Arts.

At Waag he worked and works on projects such as Trust me I'm an Artist (ethics of art and science collaboration), Future Emerging Art and Technologies, Hack the Brain, Do It Together Bio, Critical Making and initiated Designers and Artists for Genomics Award (now Bio Art & Design Award).

His interests lie in the way we can learn from the interactions, the differences and similarities, between artistic, scientific and other cultures of research.

Current projects


Asunder - Silicon Valley
Space Lab
The way people imagine the planet substantially impacts the environment. More-than-Planet will address a crisis of planetary imaginary.

Tactical Media Room

Waag opent haar deuren
Future Internet Lab
The Tactical Media Room aims to support independent tactical media, journalists, newsrooms and civic initiatives from Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus.


Open Wetlab
In BioCommons, we investigate how we as a society can deal with our biological and genetic data, and how this data can be seen as a commons.


UNBORN0X9, a project by Future Baby Production collective Art4Med
Open Wetlab
Art4Med builds towards stable relationships between artists and medical researchers, incorporating open science and technology.

S+T+ARTS Prize

S+T+ARTS Prize trophy with logo
Open Design Lab
The STARTS Prize is an annual recognition of two innovative projects at the interface of science, technology and art.


PublicSpaces_Waag Futurelab
Future Internet Lab
Waag is a co-initiator of the PublicSpaces Foundation, a coalition of now 70 public organisations working together on a digital ecosystem based on public values.

Better Factory

Female Farm beauty products
Open Design Lab
Better Factory will provide methodology and opportunities for manufacturers to collaborate with artists at developing new and personalized products.

Smart Hybrid Forms

Planten voor de toekomst
Open Wetlab
Addressing ecological challenges by blurring the lines between biology and technology: together with artists, we are working on Smart Hybrid Forms.


Cyberspecies Proximity by Anna Dumitriu & Alex May
Open Design Lab
By collaborating with artists, technology partners and manufacturers, Vojext addresses human-robot interaction that contributes to today’s societal and also environmental challenges. 


Artsformation - Digital Shadows
Open Design Lab
Mobilising the arts for an inclusive digital transformation: a response to societal challenges proposed by the fast-pacing digital transformation.


Health and DNA
Open Wetlab
GeneConsent gives genetic research participants complete control over their data by providing a dynamic informed consent service.

Hybrid Lab Network

Biohacking - CRISPR-cas workshop Waag
Open Wetlab
Hybrid Lab Network is a European consortium that improves and innovates STEAM education, particularly in the field of biosciences.


Reflow Pilot Textile
Reflow was a three-year European research project, looking into the flow of materials through our cities.

3Package Deal Bio Art & Design

Transfigurations Agatha Haines
Open Wetlab
Waag gives biotech artists and designers the opportunity to use our facilities and to present their work within our public programme.

BioHack Academy

BioHack Academy
Open Wetlab
After completing this first BioHack Academy you can grow your own fuel, food, filaments, farmaceuticals, fragances, fungi and much more funky bio stuff at home