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Smart CitySDK

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The project Smart CitySDK aimed to define services that can help open up data in the fields of Participation, Mobility and Tourism in various cities in Europe. Within this project, Waag was responsible for the domain Mobility.

We talked to (potential) data suppliers and application developers to meet the needs of both parties. Combined with questions from various cities in Europe, these needs could lead to services that are both generic and dynamic. Think of services that help developers to make applications that offer personalized travel advice.

A pilot mobility study was conducted in Amsterdam. The applicability of the services were tested in Helsinki, Manchester, Barcelona, Rome, Istanbul and Lamia.

Things we developed for CitySDK

  • Developers website CitySDK API: citysdk.waag.org
  • Map of all buildings in The Netherlands shaded according to year of construction: Buildings
  • Interactive agricultural map showing crops in The Netherlands
  • A demonstration of queries and results in the CitySDK mobility API

License(s) for the applications were developed in cooperation with Creative Commons Netherlands (CC-NL).

This project was made possible by a subsidy from the EU ICT Policy Support Programme and the Creative Industries Fund NL.